360V Laser Level


360V Laser Level

Ergonomic rubberized anti-shock body design.
Brightness level adjustment to save battery life.
Pulse mode for long distance receiver function.
Smart pendulum: self-leveling mode & manual mode.
IP54 water / dust resistance for tough working conditions.
Long lasting li-ion batteries with usb type C charging port.
Ideal for: commercial, residential,construction, drywall, tiling, metal framing, floor layout.


360V Laser Level GULF model 1122

1122 model 4 line laser leveler is a powerful and efficient product. which can be used for all kinds of big and small projects. As you will see in the next section. The range of the lasers of this device is limited. which can also be used in the construction of large sheds. And benefited from its extraordinary performance and high power. This Kenzax product has advanced features such as self-leveling. Green laser, 360 degree space coverage and many more. It has made this product an ideal laser leveler.

We said that this alignment is of the green laser type; Do you know the difference between green and red laser? The difference between these two is mainly related to the clarity of color and their visibility in different conditions. Green laser can be seen up to 4 times more than red laser. This is especially important if the space you work in is exposed to sunlight. But green lasers also have disadvantages: among them, their battery consumption is much higher than red lasers. Therefore, your continuous working hours with this device will be less than the similar device of the same model, which is produced with a red laser. Also, the price of green laser is higher than red laser.

For this reason, buy this product only if you have an urgent need for a green laser; Otherwise, a product similar to the Kenzax model, which has a red laser, is a more cost-effective option for you. We should also mention the important point that the laser level of 4 lines of green laser GULFmodel 1122 has 360 coverage: if in your job you need to align several different spaces with each other, without a doubt, 180 degree lasers will not work for you and you will need products You will need a more professional one like this laser level. Stay with us.

The range of the lasers of this alignment is 25 meters without the use of a manual receiver. But if you use a handheld receiver. This number will reach 100 meters! For this reason, this product can also be used for large projects. Meanwhile, the measurement accuracy of this device is ±2 mm per 10 meters.
The laser of this product is of CLASS II type. These lasers are 505 to 510 nm. If you work in jobs such as false ceiling and 3D panel, this product will be a great choice for you.
As we said, this product is self-adjusting; This feature is possible due to the presence of an internal pendulum system in it. This system will allow you to level the device up to 3.5 degrees on uneven surfaces.
You should know that you can use the laser level of 4 lines of GULFgreen laser model 1122 at certain temperatures, and going out of this range can damage your device. The working temperature of this laser level is 45 to -10 degrees Celsius.
As we mentioned before, the battery life in green laser levels is less than that of red laser examples; Therefore, it should only be used in jobs where red laser levels do not work. The maximum continuous working time with this device is 6 hours, after which you will need to charge the battery. While this is similar to the red laser, this product has a battery life of 15 hours.
Of course, we have to give you the good news that this product comes with 4 batteries; In this way, there will be no need to worry about stopping work due to the end of battery charging.
You can activate the 360 and vertical lasers of this device both individually and simultaneously. In this way, you can save your battery in cases where you don’t need all the lasers.
This product also uses a multi-functional magnetic base that allows it to be installed on metal supports. It also has a clip for connecting to the wall or non-metallic objects.

Additional information

Over-All Accuracy


Leveling Range

±3.5 Degree

Working Range/Detector

25m/D. 50 m With Detector

Tripod Thread


Laser Type

Class II

Operating Temperature

-5 Degree/c to 45 Degree/c

Storage Temperature

-20Degree/c to 60Degree/c


7.4V / 1500 mAh

Continuous Working Time

10 Hs (W/All Diodes ON)

Protection Class


Out of level indicator

Laser beam flashing

Out of battery indicator

Battery indicator flashing