Gasoline Generator 6500W


Gasoline Generator 6500W

Oil Alert

Fuel Meter

V.F.T Meter

Ac-DC & Circuit Breaker

Safe Reliable and Durable

Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, 1 Cylinder

Stable High Quality Current Output

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Frame With cec Antitrust Treatment

Strong Wheels and Carry Handle on Frame


Gasoline Generator 6000 W GULF Model 6065

The 6500 watt Starter GULF model 6065 generator is a very special and efficient product in the high-end generator category. You can use this product for industrial environments, construction projects, large camping in nature and similar cases. At the very beginning, we must warn you that this generator cannot be used in homes and residential environments. Because there is no sound insulation and its sound can be very annoying for the neighbors.

Therefore, use the 6500 W Start GULF model 6065 power generator for environments outside the city as well as industrial and civil spaces. This product has a high ability to produce energy. But you need to calculate the amount of electricity you need before buying it. Your calculation should be like this. What is the maximum number of devices you need to connect to the generator at the same time? Also, what is the maximum power consumption of each. The generator that you finally buy must have more output wattage than the wattage you need and supply the amount of current it needs.

If you did the calculation and realized that you need a lower or higher grade generator than this product. We have to give you the good news that GULF has produced products in both lower and higher categories than this product, and in any case, it can offer you attractive options. Now let’s take a closer look at the technical features of the 6500 watt starter GULF model 6065 generator. Stay with us.

The powerful engine of this generator has the ability to produce a maximum of 6.5 kilowatts of electricity. The volume of this engine is 420 cc and its DC power output is 12 volts and 8.3 amps.
Since the winding of this motor is completely made of copper. The 6500 watt starter GULF generator model 6065 has a very long life and will not need repair for a long time. At the same time, its work efficiency is very high.
The fuel tank capacity of this gasoline generator is 25 liters and it also needs 1.1 liters of engine oil. It is necessary to check the quality and quantity of generator engine oil weekly and do not allow it. Its oil will be less than the specified amount or it will burn. Because the lack of suitable oil will cause serious damage to the generator engine.
Of course, there is an oil shortage warning system in this product that will warn you if the oil level drops, but there is no warning about the quality of the oil.
With a full tank, you can run for up to 11 hours continuously at half engine power. If you want to work with the full power of the device, this number reaches 7 hours.
But the important feature that makes this GULF generator a very suitable option for you is the start of its engine with the help of an electric starter. Many times, including during the cold seasons of the year, handling the electric motor is a difficult task, and most importantly, it takes time to start the motor in these situations. With the electric start feature, this will be done simply by pressing a button.
Of course, if the starter fails, you still have the option of starting the engine with the handle. The presence of these two functions at the same time has made it possible to work with the 6500 Watt Starti GULF model 6065 electricity generator more easily.
The presence of industrial wheels and the carrying handle of the workshop has made working with this product even easier. With the help of these two, you can easily move the whole device in different spaces.
In the end, we should mention the presence of a three-function digital voltage indicator in this device, which has and can perform extremely accurately. It will show you the potential difference of product output, frequency and duty cycle with high accuracy.
If the potential difference of this generator goes out of the standard range, the circuit breaker system, which is placed on its control panel, will quickly cut off the power flow and prevent damage.
The 6500 watt starter GULF generator model 6065 has two 220 volt power outputs.

Additional information

Rated Power

6000 W

Max. Power

6500 W

Rated Voltage - Frequency

220V- 50Hz




1100 ML

Rated Current

27.3 A

Fuel Tank Capacity

25 L

DC Output

12 V, 8.3 A