Air Compressor 50 Liter


Air Compressor 50 Liter

Drain valve under the tank
Equipped with a safety valve
Metal air filter results in longer life and less noise
FBANG switch for more efficiency and longer lifetime
8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
Equipped with flow regulator and two standard couplers to maximize air tool performance
The compact design plus two metal wheels make it highly portable and remarkably easy to use


Air Compressor 50 Liter GULF Model 5450

The 50-liter GULF model 5450 air compressor is an excellent choice for use in industrial workshops and factories. This product has a very large air storage space. Powerful engine, high-quality and well-made body and internal connections, and many other additional features that make it easier for you to work with it. It is an excellent option for people who need an all-round compressor. In the following, we will provide you with explanations about the size of the air tank and other important points in buying a compressor.

First, you should be aware that the higher tank size does not mean this. The air outlet of the device has a higher pressure. And usually all compressors in this category, from 10 liters to 80 liters, have a relatively similar output air pressure. Of course, this is relative to the air outlet, and small compressors usually have one air outlet, and larger compressors have two or more air outlets. What causes the difference in the operation of compressors with different tanks. Along with the continuous working time, the ability to work with multiple devices at the same time is related and so on.

If the speed of work is very important to you and you want it. Work with your wind instruments without interruption. You will definitely need a large belt type tank with two or three cylinders. Therefore, it is better to use compressors for factories and industrial workshops. They have a tank capacity of more than 50 liters. For semi-industrial and domestic work, compressors of 10 to less than 50 liters will be enough. This way you can. Use the 50 liter GULF air compressor model 5450 for your heavy and semi-industrial work.

Stay with us to learn more about this product.

The dimensions of this device are 70 x 74 x 33 cm and its weight is 31 kg. However, this product uses industrial wheels with ball bearings under its body. It is still quite difficult to move it. So it is better to use it for business. that there is no need to transport the compressor between floors.
The motor type of this product is induction and has excellent performance and long life. This engine has 2.5 horsepower and can meet your industrial needs well. This engine can also provide a maximum engine speed of 2850 rpm which is a great number. You will need 220V city input voltage to run it.
In this compressor, the tank capacity is 50 liters. The maximum wind pressure output from each of the air outlets of the device is 8 bar (115 PSI) and the maximum wind output will be 200 liters per minute.
The good news is that you can control the output air pressure according to your needs with the help of a large and smooth screw that is placed on the pressure switch of the device. The presence of two separate analog pressure gauges to display the minimum working pressure and the pressure inside the tank will help you better manage your tools.
The use of the 50-liter GULF model 5450 air compressor from the thermal cut-off system has made it possible to protect the engine of the device well and avoid damage if it overheats.
The presence of four rubber feet in the lower part of this product can prevent it from slipping and unwanted movement.
The induction motor of the 50 liter GULF model 5450 air compressor works with the help of oil, and you should periodically check and replace its oil. The presence of a transparent valve on the crankcase lid allows you to easily know the amount and quality of engine oil. Meanwhile, oil change will be done only with the help of a screw in the crankcase body.
The presence of the brass cylinder head tee and elbow in this device, as well as the use of thick metal sheet to increase the safety and strength of the body and lenses, has made the GULF compressor to have an extraordinary resistance and a very long life.
Other features of the 50-liter GULF 5450 air compressor include the automatic lever switch of the German FBANG design, a well-made and durable safety valve, and a metal air filter.

Additional information

wind outlet

200 liters /minute

tank capacity

50 Liter


220 V – 50 Hz


2/5 HP

Maximum engine speed

2850 rpm

Max. output wind pressure

8 Bar 115 PSI

Engine type