About us: gulf

Since its establishment, GULF has been a leader in new product development. By introducing different products for industrial and home use, it is designed in the branches of gasoline, electric, rechargeable, gardening, accessories, etc. GULF offers the professional user innovative, powerful solutions, a proud past and an exciting future.


An electric generator is a device that produces electricity and electricity and prevents interruption of daily activities or disruption of work operations. Generators are available in physical and electrical forms for various applications. Choosing the best home and industrial emergency power generator is a complex task and requires accurate calculation operations and should be done by the relevant expert in order to get the most efficiency for the consumer by spending the most reasonable cost.


Laser leveling is used in construction and construction operations to level, create a desired slope and make different surfaces perpendicular. The reason for using this tool is to prevent errors, because this tool is designed and made in such a way that it has a very low percentage of error and very high accuracy compared to old methods. In order to be able to choose the most appropriate level, you must first know the nature of your project because these types of measuring tools are designed for specific functions.


Eco-friendly is the motto of the Golf Collection's rechargeable products. In order to preserve the environment, we produced products with rechargeable batteries, which save almost 5000 non-rechargeable batteries for each battery pack and prevent damage to the cycle of nature, and reduce the cost of buying batteries for the esteemed consumer. has it.


Gasoline saw is one of the most important and practical gardening tools among agricultural machines, which consists of a chain with a certain number of blades on an axis (rotating), which circulates with the help of driving force. This category of saws is recommended to gardeners and people who are looking for high speed and quality. It should be noted that chainsaws or petrol chainsaws often have a long lifespan and are highly efficient and effective in terms of fuel consumption. Gasoline chainsaw, mechanically and technically, has a chain protection system, and when necessary, by blocking and somehow locking the chain, it prevents harm to the user.