Laser Level 2 Line


Laser Level 2 Line

Ergonomic rubberized anti-shock body design.
Pulse mode for long distance receiver function.
Smart pendulum: self-leveling mode & manual mode.
IP54 water / dust resistance for tough working conditions.
Long lasting li-ion batteries with usb type C charging port.
Ideal for: commercial, residential,construction, drywall, tiling, metal framing, floor layout.


Laser Level 2 Line GULF Model 1111

GULF two-line laser level model 1111 is undoubtedly one of the most famous laser levels in the Iranian market. Because the first laser level was rechargeable. which was offered to the markets in Iran. And therefore, it is still considered one of the most popular products in this field. Of course, apart from being the first point, this laser level has very good technical points. Which makes it reasonable to buy it. We will examine this issue further. But first of all, we must know: what is a laser level? Traditionally, there are several ways to check the levelness of a surface. From shaghul to manual levels that work with bubbles inside the water. But the advancement of the construction industry and the bigger and bigger construction projects have caused it. So that the traditional methods do not respond to the new needs. And it was in such a situation that laser levels came to the market.

Laser levels with the help of laser light and optical inspection methods allow the owners of various construction professions. Simply, they calculate the state of alignment of a very large surface of a space and find the smallest inconsistencies. In fact, these devices will check the alignment of different surfaces by using laser light distribution along the vertical (Y) and horizontal (X) lines, as well as a special indicator. Now that we briefly know what laser alignment is, we can check the technical features of the 1111 two-line GULF  laser alignment. Stay with us.

This laser level is a rechargeable level; GULF  Company has included two batteries (N1-MH) in the packaging of this product. that if the charge is full, each of them can work for you less than 10 hours. In terms of charging capacity, the performance of this device can be considered excellent. The special cable for charging these batteries is also included in the product packaging.
The laser used in this product is Class II laser. These types of lasers are used for different tasks. But their performance is especially great in making false ceilings or 3D panels. Therefore, if you work in such jobs. Undoubtedly, the GULF  1111 two-line laser level is a great choice for you.
Another attractive point about this level is its smart pendulum system. This system enables the device. If the surface it is on is not level, it will level itself. This system can allow up to 4 degrees of self-alignment to the device, which will be effective in increasing the accuracy of your work.
The overall accuracy of this laser level is 3 mm per 10 meters. This very high accuracy will allow you to make your measurements completely without errors.
The range of the lasers of this device is about 13 meters in the brightness of 200 lux. In this context, the performance of this product is completely competitive and has nothing less than its competitors.
The body of this device has a soft protective cover that gives it acceptable resistance against possible shocks. In total, the protection class of this device is calculated as 54.
In the list of accessories of this device, you can find such items: a special tripod for leveling, 6 magnets for installing the level on metal supports, a special clamp with ¼ inch thread and canvas strap for leveling on wooden surfaces. or plastic

Additional information

Over-All Accuracy


Leveling Range

±3.5 Degree

Working Range/Detector

35m/D. 60 m
With Detector

Tripod Thread


Class II Laser Type


Operating Temperature

-5 Degree/c to 45Degree/c

Storage Temperature

-20Degree/c to 60Degree/c


3.7V / 2000 mAh

Continuous Working Time

6 Hs (W/All Diodes ON)

Protection Class


Out of level indicator

Laser beam flashing

Out of battery indicator

Battery indicator flashing