DC Air Compressor 140W


DC Air Compressor 140W

Overheat protection for safe operation
Rubber feet for stability and less noise
Low noise: working noise is less than 65 dB
Built in bright LED light & emergency flash light
Big size motor for more durability and longer life
Accurated analog pressure gauge to check tire pressure
Perfect choice for any inflatables, meet your multiple needs


DC Air Compressor 140W GULF Model 5414

140W 5414 lighter compressor is a great assistant for travel lovers. This device will help you in case of low air or flat tire on the road. Re-inflate your tire easily and at reasonable speed and continue your journey. This product works with the help of your car battery.

You should pay attention. This compressor is not suitable for industrial and technical use. And it is only suitable for the uses mentioned. If you are looking for the right product for your industrial work. Visit the category of GULF electric compressors, which are produced in various sizes, from 10 to 50 liters, and have many different models.

Regarding this product, it should be said that you can start it by connecting its cable to the cigarette lighter of your car or to the battery. After a few minutes you can inflate your tires and then you’re done! You only have to remember two important points: 1. This product is only suitable for passenger cars and light vans (and of course bicycles and motorcycles!) and does not work for heavier cars; 2. You can work with this compressor continuously for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time, and then you must allow the motor to cool down.

Now you can check the technical features of the GULF lighter compressor.

The motor of this product works with 12 V DC voltage. Therefore, it is easily started with the battery of personal cars. This motor is also capable of providing a maximum pressure of 100 PSI. This number is great and can meet your needs very well. Its air flow rate is 45 cubic meters per hour.
This one-cylinder engine is started by connecting to a cigarette lighter or car battery. that the cable and converters necessary for this work will be sent to you along with the product.
The existence of a spring hose made of polyurethane and 2.5 meters long is another wonderful feature of this product. This hose is very resistant and its long length helps you to have high access during work and not to be restricted.
The 140 W GULF lighter compressor, model 5414, has special rubber bases. which greatly reduces the vibration of the device.
The presence of an emergency LED light for use at night or dimly lit spaces, as well as the presence of a wind pressure indicator with 2 units of PSI and BAR are other attractive features of this product.
GULF compressor is produced in dimensions of 12x16x25 cm and its weight is 2500 grams. Therefore, it is very easy to place and it is very easy to carry.
The number of air outlets of the two-cylinder 200-watt GULF cigarette lighter compressor, model 5414, is one, and its wire length is 3 meters. The accompanying items are also a canvas bag, a spring hose, three different nozzles and a car battery to lighter converter.

Additional information

Working Voltage

12V / DC

Rated Power


Max. Run Time

30 Minutes

Flow Rate

35 L/min

DC Power Cord


Max. Pressure

100 PSI