Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 50 Liter


Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 50 Liter

Solenoid valve for greater performance
Hyper silent motor and new pump design
Equipped with metal gauge and safety valve
FBANG switch for more efficiency and long life
Regulator with Filter (Oil & Water) for dry air output
Induction motor with copper wire for continuous application
8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
Equipped with 1 flow regulator and 2 standard couplers to maximize air tool performance
Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working


Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 50 Liter 4 HP GULF Model 5454

5454 silent 50 liter dual motor 4 horse compressor is undoubtedly one of the most powerful 50 liter compressors available in the market. This product has an impressive engine power of 4 horsepower, which is possible due to the presence of two powerful and separate engines in it. It can be the best choice for people who are looking for a super powerful silent compressor. Since this compressor is in the category of silent devices. It will be more suitable for use in hospitals and medical centers. But this is not its only use.

If your job is among the jobs you need. Work with your compressor in residential environments. Most likely, the use of ordinary compressors will disturb the neighbors and will result in their complaints. Therefore, for this category of businesses, it is better to buy a silent compressor. But if you want to buy compressor for industrial workshop or factory. Silent models will not be a very economical option and it is better to go for regular models.

It is also necessary to provide explanations about the strength of this product. Only buy this product if you are sure. Less powerful GULF options such as silent compressor 50 liter single motor 2 horse 5452 are not suitable for you. Otherwise, buying a compressor with more power will only cost you more. Therefore, this product is only designed for specific uses and you need to pay close attention to this issue.

Now we can examine the 50 liter silent compressor with two 4 horse 5454 motors more carefully.

The existence of two powerful engines in this product has given it a gigantic power. So that this compressor can be used for the most difficult tasks and be sure of its flawless performance. In total, this product has 4 cylinders and its power is 4 HP. The maximum speed of each of its engines will be 2850 rpm.
The air output of this compressor is 520 liters per minute and the maximum air pressure will reach 8 bar / 115 PSI.
50-liter silent compressor engines are two 4-horsepower 5454 engines of the new generation of 4-pole engines. which have benefited from much higher speed and ventilation than their competitors. We should also mention that the coils of these motors are made of 100% copper, and this has increased their lifespan and extraordinary efficiency.
The wheels placed at the bottom of this device make the process of moving it much easier. These durable and industrial wheels will serve you for many years. The weight of this device is over 37 kg and it is generally difficult to move.
Equipping the 5454 two-horsepower silent compressor with a German-designed pressure control screw, as well as high-quality and precise outputs, will allow you to ensure the uniformity and non-fluctuation of the output air pressure. This issue is very important for the proper functioning of medical and sensitive devices.
Also, two air pressure gauges will provide you with accurate statistics of working pressure and air pressure inside the tank.
The presence of an automatic on/off switch and a metal air filter are other things that make the 5454 silent 50-liter two-motor 4-horsepower compressor a great option for professionals.
Finally, we must mention its super powerful body. This body is made of the best quality steel sheets and has a very high resistance against various damages. Therefore, the high life of the GULF compressor will be guaranteed.

Additional information


4.0 HP


220V – 50HZ


520 L/min


8 BAR – 115 PSI


2850 r/min


50 liter