Air Compressor 24 Liter


Air Compressor 24 Liter

Drain valve under the tank
Equipped with a safety valve
Metal air filter results in longer life and less noise
FBANG switch for more efficiency and longer lifetime
8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
Equipped with flow regulator and two standard couplers to maximize air tool performance
Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working
The compact design plus two metal wheels make it highly portable and remarkably easy to use


Air Compressor 24 Liter GULF Model 5424

The 24-liter GULF air compressor model 5424 is an efficient and relatively light-weight and compact electric compressor. which can be used in different situations. But it should be known that if you are looking for a compressor to use in the workshop or factories. This product will not meet your expectations. In fact, compressors that are produced with a tank volume of 10 to 30 liters. They are more suitable for workshop and semi-industrial style uses. They can also be suitable in off-site projects for setting up some air tools for assembly.

The main strength of these products is their high portability. But in order to launch large and heavy wind tools, more wind output is needed than what these compressors produce. you will have Therefore, it is necessary to take a look at your wind instruments before finalizing your purchase. and see the maximum air flow they need. Then proceed to purchase. If you work continuously with your compressor, you should also know that it is better to have a large tank. In this way, you will not be interrupted in doing your work.

You should know, except for these compressors that work with electricity. There are two other types of air compressors. Diesel and lighter. Diesel compressors have a very high wind power. And that’s why they are used in factories and heavy industries. Lighter compressors are the opposite and work with battery power and car dynamo electricity. These products are small in size. And they are kept in the car, they are suitable for tire inflation and similar tasks.

Now that we have obtained enough information about the general features of the 24-liter GULF model 5424 air compressor. We can take a closer look at its technical features. Stay with us.

This electric compressor uses a powerful 2.5 horsepower motor. This motor needs 220V input voltage to start and therefore works with city electricity.
The tank volume of this compressor is 24 liters and 2 air outlet couplings are considered for it. The maximum air pressure that each of these outlets can deliver. Give you 115 PSI; But their normal pressure will be something around 100 PSI. Its air flow rate is 200 liters per minute.
This product has dimensions of 60 x 58 x 26 cm and weighs 24 kg. So if portability is your top priority, this is probably the right choice for you.
The existence of two couplings in the 24-liter GULF air compressor model 5424 will allow you to set the minimum output pressure of each air outlet; Therefore, you can adjust the minimum pressure according to your needs.
The presence of various safety features in this compressor, such as the thermal cut-off system to protect the engine of the device, has increased the purchase value and of course its useful life to a great extent. For example, this thermal cut-out system if the engine temperature of the device rises above the standard range. It stops working.
On the body of the 24-liter GULF model 5424 air compressor, there are two needle pressure gauges, one for showing the working pressure and the other for showing the pressure inside the tank. Working with these indicators can greatly increase the efficiency of your work.
Very effective protective features have been considered for the body of this product. Including a thick sheet of metal, the presence of which brings more safety and resistance to the body. At the same time, all its internal connections are made with the help of brass products, which are extremely durable and long-lasting.
The product has a moisture drain screw under the tank, and the moisture accumulated in the tank must be drained from time to time, otherwise the moisture and dirt inside the tank will damage the work surface during air release.
The use of the 24-liter GULF model 5424 air compressor from the automatic lever switch of the German FBANG design is one of its other wonderful features.
It should be known that the engine of this product has oil technology. Changing its oil is a very simple task and is done with the help of a screw in the crankcase body. Also, the presence of a transparent oil inspection valve on the crankcase door will allow you to constantly monitor the oil.
This product will be presented to you along with the oil tank for initial setup, metal wheel and filter, and the bolts and nuts for installing the wheels.

Additional information

wind outlet

200 liters /minute

tank capacity

24 Liter


220 V – 50 Hz


2/5 HP

Maximum engine speed

2850 rpm

Max. output wind pressure

8 Bar 115 PSI

Engine type