3D Laser Level


3D Laser Level

Full room layout laser level.
LCD display panel for easy access.
Dual power methods, li-ion and alkaline.
Ergonomic rubberized anti-shock body design .
Brightness level adjustment to save battery life.
IP65 water / dust resistance for tough working conditions.
Long lasting batteries with dual power methods, li-ion and alkaline.
Ideal for: commercial, residential, construction, drywall, tiling, metal framing, floor layout.


3D Laser Level GULF Model 1144

GULF 3D laser level model 1144 is one of the laser levels available in the Iranian market. which is a green laser type and in terms of classification based on the range of laser light, it is in the category of levels with a range of less than 60 meters. Therefore, it is suitable for use in small and medium-sized construction projects and will not be effective for very large projects. If you are looking for a laser leveler for very large projects. You should go for rotary lasers that have a range of about 1000 meters. This level will be one of the most attractive choices for you with the benefit of very special features. Because, on the one hand, it has a rechargeable function and does not need to be directly connected to electricity, and on the other hand, it uses 3 laser diodes. which has given it the possibility of three-dimensional examination of different spaces. This issue will have a significant effect in increasing the speed of your operation when checking the alignment of the spaces. At the same time, it will miraculously increase the accuracy of the work.

GULF 1144 3D laser level is undoubtedly one of the most professional and accurate laser levels in the market, in the category of medium-sized laser levels. On the one hand, this issue can be based on being green. Its laser, on the other hand, proved its three-dimensionality. The presence of other systems, such as the automatic pendulum system, the use of a class two laser, etc., has significantly increased the purchase value of this product. In the following, we will examine the technical features of this product in more detail. Stay with us.

This product has an LCD panel to adjust the diodes and battery charge indicator
First of all, it should be mentioned that this product has 3 separate laser diodes. These lasers have 360 degree coverage. And in this way, with the help of this device, an accurate calculation of the level of the surfaces can be obtained in three dimensions. This will dramatically increase the accuracy and speed of your work.
The diodes of this device are class 2 diodes and therefore have excellent performance.
The laser range of this device is 20 meters. But you will also have the option of using a handheld receiver that will increase the range of lasers up to 50 meters. Depending on the size of different spaces, you can alternately use the normal or manual method.
The benefit of this laser level from the internal smart pendulum can compensate up to 3.5 degrees of the unevenness of the surface on which the device is placed. But if the surface below it is uneven, the device will warn you with the help of its flashing system. In such cases, you have to level it.
The body of this device is covered with TPR cover. This issue has made you face an excellent option in terms of resistance against possible accidents. Therefore, when working with this product in spaces where objects may collide with the device. There will be a relative guarantee for the health of the device.
This leveler uses a 7.4 volt and 2.6 amp battery. This battery can work for up to 8 hours in eco mode.
The main thread size of this leveler will be 1.4 inches; But a 3.4-inch thread will also be provided to you, which will allow you to mount the level on a tripod or other similar bases.
In this product, there is also a magnetic base that will allow the installation of the product on metal bases.

Additional information

Over-All Accuracy


Leveling Range

±3.5 Degree

Working Range/Detector

25m/D. 50m With Detector

Tripod Thread


Laser Type

Class II

Operating Temperature

-5 Degree/c to 45 Degree/c

Storage Temperature

-20 Degree/c to 60 Degree/c


7.4V lithium /4AA

Continuous Working Time

8Hs (W/AII Diodes On)

Protection Class


Out of level indicator

Laser beam flashing

Out of battery indicator

Battery indicator flashing