Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 24 Liter


Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 24 Liter

Solenoid valve for greater performance
Hyper silent motor and new pump design
Equipped with metal gauge and safety valve
FBANG switch for more efficiency and long life
Regulator with Filter (Oil & Water) for dry air output
Induction motor with copper wire for continuous application
8 bar maximum pressure stores sufficient air in the tank for continuous tool operation
Equipped with 1 flow regulator and 2 standard couplers to maximize air tool performance
Thermal protector system controls the temperature of the motor during longtime working


Oil Free Silent Air Compressor 24 Liter 2Hp GULF Model 5425

Silent compressor 24 liter single engine 2 horses 5425 is one of the most powerful and efficient products in the category of compressors. which are suitable for special applications such as medical services and medical devices. Silent compressors are produced with a technology. that the sound of their engine is as low as possible. So that it can be used in hospitals as well as in residential spaces without any problems. It should be kept in mind that the price of these compressors is higher than the normal ones. And therefore it is not economical for industrial use.

So if you are looking for a compressor that is suitable for industrial workshops or factories. It is better to go for normal and noisy air compressor models. But if your job is such that you need to run your compressor in residential spaces. Or you are looking for such a product for medical services. Silent compressor 24 liter single motor 2 horsepower 5425 will be a great choice for you. Silent operation, accurate and uniform output air pressure, and of course high durability of this product will be guaranteed. that you are faced with a professional option.

When buying a compressor, you should also pay attention to its tank capacity. The capacities of 30 to 50 liters are more suitable for industrial uses. For example, this product is a good option for hospitals, but not for home and semi-industrial uses. Because 10 to 30 liter compressors have been created for such uses. Also if you want to constantly move the compressor between different buildings. It is better to buy smaller sizes that have less weight and dimensions and can be moved better.

Stay with us to check the technical features of this product.

First, we must talk about the super efficient engine of this product. This engine is a new generation of 4-pole engines, whose performance is unmatched in terms of speed and ventilation compared to its competitors. Because this advanced engine has been improved in many areas.
Also, this engine has two cylinders and its power is 2 HP. which shows its unique efficiency. The maximum engine speed of this product will be 2850 rpm.
It also benefits from 100% copper winding. To have a very long life and to make its consumption much more efficient than competitors.
The total air output of this compressor is 260 liters per minute and the maximum output pressure is 8 bar / 115 PSI. The wind output of the two outputs of this device will be completely uniform; In this way, you can use it for hospital and medical devices without any worries.
The presence of a special care unit that is installed on the device before the wind outlet. Along with its German design pressure control screw and automatic on/off switch, it will guarantee you that you are dealing with a completely professional device. Silent 24 liter single motor 2 horse 5425 compressor can have fully adjustable and controlled air output. And its automatic function is also perfect.
There is a very high quality metal air filter in this device. Therefore, you can be sure that the outgoing air is free of any pollution and will not damage your industrial or medical devices.
Also, Kenzax’s performance has been excellent in terms of device safety. For example, the presence of an automatic engine cut-off system that works with a thermal sensor will provide complete protection to the machine’s engine. This system shuts down the engine when the operating temperature rises.
On the other hand, the body and lenses of the silent compressor 24 liter single engine 2 horses 5425 are equipped with thick steel sheets, which can give a significant resistance to the body and lead to a longer lifespan.
In the end, we should mention the existence of metal wheels for safe and easy transportation of the air pump, as well as two air pressure gauges on the body of this compressor, which will simplify your work in using this device even more.

Additional information


2.0 HP


220V – 50HZ


260 L/min


8BAR – 115 PSI


2850 r/min


24 liter