Gasoline Chain Saw 45cm


Gasoline Chain Saw 45cm

  • Tool Free Fuel And Oil Cap
  • Air Cooling Cylinder, Two Strokes
  • Easy Cleaning And Low Maintenance Of Active Unit
  • Convenient Primer Bulb To Start Engine Fast And Easy
  • Easy start System Will Run The Chain Saw Easier With Minimal Efforts
  • Compact And Light Weight, Prefect For Firewood And Caring For a Garden
  • Filter Cleaning And Opening All Barrels Are Easy And Without Any Special Tools
  • Special Chains Brake Provides Instant Stop In Case Of Kickback During Operation


Gasoline Chain Saw 45cm 52cc GULF model 6345

Chain tracks that usually exist in electric and gasoline types. They are usually used in operations such as cutting tree trunks, pruning and cutting wood and some other materials. The gasoline type of these saws with a two-stroke single-cylinder engine is better known than other types.

45 cm GULF chain saw is made in China. which has been put on the market with the efficiency of the best advanced devices and modern technology. Chain saws have different uses according to the type of their blades. Blades between 35 and 85 cm are used for pruning foliage and 45 and 50 cm blades are used for cutting tree trunks.

GULF 45 cm petrol chain saw with 2000 watts power. With 52 cc engine volume and blade speed of 21.2 m/s. And the capacity of the gas tank is 550 ml. Its speed reaches 3200 rpm in free mode without vibration. The handle of this chainsaw with a special and ergonomic design is made of aluminum with a soft and anti-slip TPR coating, with a locking key with dustproof quality and equipped with a quick start system to turn on the saw quickly with minimum pressure.

45cm chain saw model 6345 has a weight of 5.3 kg and dimensions of 27 x 28 x 48 cm with a chain length of 50 cm and an automatic chain lubrication system and air cooling and two-time. This 45cm chain saw has a nut to adjust the chain tension without the need for special tools and is equipped with a gasoline and chain oil mixture chamber with an indicator to show the oil level in the tank.

Included items include: Allen wrench, screwdriver and chain guard.

Additional information

Engine displacement

52 cc

Max. engine power

2.0 kw / 2.7 HP

Max. engine speed

10500 rpm

Max engine speed at idling

3200 rpm

Oil tank capacity

260 ml

Saw chain pitch

0.325 in

Saw chain gauge

0.058 in

Guide bar type

Sprocket nose

Guide bar size

18 in

Oil feeding system

Automatic pump with adjuster