Gasoline Generator 8500W


Gasoline Generator 8500W

Oil Alert

Fuel Meter

V.F.T Meter

Ac-DC & Circuit Breaker

Safe Reliable and Durable

Air Cooled, 4 Stroke, 1 Cylinder

Stable High Quality Current Output

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Frame With cec Antitrust Treatment

Strong Wheels and Carry Handle on Frame


Gasoline Generator 8500 W GULF Model 6085

The 8500 watt starter GULF model 6085 generator is a high-end and very powerful product. This device is classified in the category of portable and so-called workshop generators. Workshop generators are suitable for people who are looking for a powerful generator with high portability and convenience. These products are not suitable for continuous use in many residential spaces; Because they have a higher sound compared to stationary home generators. In contrast to the various possibilities and portability of workshop generators, it is suitable for industrial, agricultural, and of course tourism in nature and camping.

It should be noted that this product is among the generators that have the highest power generation capacity and therefore its price is higher than other models. If you do not need this amount of power output, you can take a look at other GULF models such as the 6500 watt generator. These two generators are both starters and use relatively similar capabilities. But the lower output power makes you have a better price.

We suggest you make a list of devices that are going to be connected to the generator. and calculate the maximum power you may need. It should be noted that you should consider the maximum starting power. Because devices such as water pumps need up to 3 times the nominal power indicated on the device for initial start. In this way, you will be able to find the exact number of watts of power you need and, based on that, decide on the output of the power generator you are looking for. After doing this, you can decide whether the device is stationary or mobile, whether it is gasoline, diesel or gas-powered, whether it is a starter or manual, and many other things.

Now that we are familiar with the general points about buying an electric generator, we can have a more detailed review of the 8500 watt starter GULF model 6085 electric generator. be with us!

The engine of this product has a 4-stroke type and can produce 8.5 kilowatts of electricity in its best condition. The volume of this engine is 499 cc and it has 12 volt and 8.3 amp power output for battery charging or 12 volt DC output.
Since the winding of this motor is made of 100% copper. The durability and longevity of the engine will be very high and there is nothing to worry about. The durability and high durability of this product have been confirmed by several European standard organizations. And that’s why you can trust this GULF product.
The good news is that in this device you have access to 3 220 volt power outlets. In this way, when necessary, you can use several simultaneous connections to the generator without the need for other tools.
But it should be said about the fuel tank of this product since its capacity is 25 liters. You will be able to work with this generator with a full tank for up to 7 hours of continuous work at maximum output power. The same number reaches 11 hours when the engine works at half its maximum power.
Also, a floating indicator of the amount of fuel inside the tank is placed on the device’s gas tank, which provides you with its approximate statistics at any moment.
This product has an important and very efficient feature: electric start. This starter can save you from the trouble of handling while starting the engine. And do it for you with complete simplicity.
Of course, if your starter does not work for any reason. You also have access to the handle and can start the engine with its help.
This product is placed on the AC and DC circuit breaker system, which is on the front panel of the device. which is one of the other safety features of the device in front of you.
The existence of AVR system in this product is one of its other safety features. This system performs the task of equalizing the output voltage and its performance is excellent.
Also, the warning system of the lack of oil of this generator will remind you of engine damage due to lack of oil.
It should be noted that this device is provided without oil and requires 1100 cc of engine oil to start. And if there is a lack of oil, the device will not turn on.
The device is equipped with two strong wheels and a carrying handle for ease of moving anywhere in the workshop.

Additional information

Rated Power

8000 W

Max. Power

8500 W

Rated Voltage - Frequency

220V- 50Hz




1200 ML

Rated Current

36.4 A

Fuel Tank Capacity

25 L

DC Output

12 V, 8.3 A